sнεεиα. (its_theway) wrote in hilarieicontest,

Okay, thanks to all who have joined so far! I was actually quite surprised with the member count, (whoa, I am so pesstimestic) Anyway, the first challenge will be posted on SUNDAY. Sorry if that seems like a while from now, but from the way my internet has been lately (which is not nice at all) it's gonna have to be that way.

Have any ideas for challenges? Specified pictures at all? Reply and let me know.

As well, so you know in advance, I will be having that not fun voting type of thing. You know, the post your votes instead of a poll thanks to my lack of paid account. Just so you know.

Again, thanks to everyone why joined! And if you are one of those people just 'watching', just join! It'll be more fun!
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