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hilarieicontest's Journal

Casa De Awesome /// Hilarie Burton Icontest
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Welcome to Casa De Awesome!

Again, welcome :)

Welcome to Hilarie Icontest, an icon challenge community for the talented Hilarie Burton. Hilarie stars on the WB Hit TV Show One Tree Hill and
is a part time VJ at MTV. Join today, enter a challenge or two and enjoy yourself!

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Common Curtesy:

Please be a fan of Hilarie Burton or entering the challenges would be very pointless.

Only one icon per entry unless otherwise stated

Please do not use this as a place to display your work, this is for the challenges/contests

Have any questions? Wanna help out? Contact the current only mod, its_theway
pretty. oooh. ahh.

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Wanna be one? Contact its_theway

Hilarie Burton dot com
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