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First Challenge.

The challenges here at hilarieicontest are like any other challenge community. Post one icon, unless otherwise stated, in the < IMG > format, then the direct link to the picture, the text and if you would like a banner of not if you win.


Objective: A Community Icon
Text: Hilarie Icontest or hilarieicontest. It just has to have the community name in it.
Time: Icons will be accepted until Friday April 29th 2005
Other: Voting will be on Saturday. Winners will be announced on Sunday. Next Challenge will be posted Sunday night or Monday.

Pictures: Any pictures of Hilarie can be used. Good sites: Hilarie Burton Official Site Gallery and One Tree Hill Central Visuals

Post your icon as a comment to this post. These entries will not be hidden from the public. Meaning I won't screen the entries, everyone will be able to see them :)
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